Pass the Pick Productions, LLC is engaged in the development, production and manufacturing of filmed entertainment, television programming, recorded music and digital content of which the Company creates and holds the intellectual copyrights. In addition, the Company is active in media production in all formats, including 4K origination, merchandising and music publishing of entertainment related consumer products. Our distribution partner is BFD/THE ORCHARD/SONY, home to a robust division of label services that include radio promotion, advertising, streaming marketing, publicity, brand partnerships, sync, influencer marketing, digital marketing, and creative services. Pass the Pick was formed as a Delaware Corporation in early 2015 and is wholly owned by the management of the Company. In addition, Pass the Pick holds a 100% interest in High Cotton Films 1, LLC, a Mississippi based business which produces the companies live music series, sells and licenses DVD’s, CD’s, Webcasts and Digital Downloads of performances of the recording artists under contract to High Cotton. And last but certainly not least, we love music, entertainment, and especially the goods and services that we produce.